Engage & inspire your people to learn faster with Virtual Reality Training

Talkout Worlds unlocks the potential of VR for all companies through a revolutionary new Virtual Reality as a service (VRaaS) model.

Making immersive learning accessible for everyone

Worlds is a plug-and-play VR system that can be up and running in minutes with no IT support required. It's easy to use and affordable with simple per user pricing and access to a library of CPD accredited modules making it ideal for organisations who want to drive better learning outcomes and get the best from their people without blowing the entire budget.

Making VR Accesible
Revolutionary VR training

Worlds will revolutionise the way you train your people

Virtually Reality learning transforms the mundane into exciting, complex scenarios become easy to understand and the most dangerous environments become safe. Our customers are able to drive organisational development at greater speed, reduce liabilities by millions of pounds, and achieve savings of between 80-90% compared to traditional training. Virtual reality is an amazing tool for L&D, and those adopting it are reaching new heights and achieving outstanding outcomes.

Virtual Reality training will play a fundamental role in how we teach our officers going forward. Many of the new recruits are in their 20’s and are well used to VR gaming, the experience has transformed the outcomes for their learning

Adam Reeves

Technology Enhanced Learning Officer - South Wales Police

Learning that staff want to do - now that's a game changer

In today's world, people are turned off by a LMS. It's static, bland and old-fashioned. However, VR is a totally new and exciting way of learning. It's fun, and engaging and just like real life is different every time.

Learning your people want to do
train people through experience

Train your people through experience, not just instruction

Immersive VR training allows your people to explore environments and scenarios from a first-person perspective learning through experience. Our VR modules incorporate the latest gaming techniques, combined with scene randomisation to create unique learning experiences every time. The result - improvement in knowledge retention of up to 40% compared to traditional training.

Discover the remarkable capabilities of Virtutal Reality Learning

VR spatial memory

We remember things better when our brain experiences events in context, but by physically practicing a task, it becomes easier to recall later

VR perspectives

Learn to put yourself in different shoes and develop empathy for others by stepping into their viewpoint

VR repeat scenarios

Repetition is a tried and tested learning method, no matter how complex or dangerous a scenario with VR you can repeat it until you are a  master

VR reduced costs

Deliver up to a 95% cost reduction vs traditional training with no travel expenses, lost time & course fees

VR High Risk

Train your team to handle high-risk processes and procedures in a safe environment and ensure they know how to handle difficult situations

VR possibility

Train your people in scenarios that would be impossible in the real world. Danger & complexity are no problem in VR!

Key Sectors


Our Police VR training modules simulate a range of dangerous and mentally challenging scenarios


Our Rail VR modules make a big impact for operators improving safety reducing incidents and costs


Our VR simulations recreate your production environment to improve product quality and safety


We work closely with educational institutions to create immersive VR experiences for the classroom


We supply and maintain a wide range of the latest technology and hardware to help you build amazing virtual reality training centres and experiences.


VR headsets


Simulation Rooms


Driving Simulators

Step into the world of possible

For companies that need a dedicated VR solution, our development team can create immersive learning modules to meet your specific requirements. From augmented reality blending the real world with virtual to counter terrorism scenarios, and motions simulators, if you can think of a scenario our team can build it into an incredible experience that will deliver exceptional results.

VR Studio

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