A picture of baby groot being given some trainer reprsenting generosity

Practicing generosity promotes personal self-care.

Practicing generosity promotes personal self-care. I have always found great pleasure in providing for others. Whether that be using my expertise and skillset to support another person or giving my time to allow others to feel validated.

You would think that this behaviour is putting additional pressure on ourselves, in an already pressurised world. When in fact for some it does the opposite. Altruism or selflessness is a great way of expressing gratitude. When giving, we are also receiving.

One way to practice generosity is to give energy where it is needed. Giving attention, love, or a smile to another person are other acts of giving that we can offer. Trusting in the natural flow of energy, you will find yourself practicing generosity sub-consciously. This is the purest form of giving.

I am great believer in the ‘Law of Attraction’, in what you send out will always come back to you. Selflessly helping a friend in need without expecting them to return the same favour in the same way, and know that you, too, will receive that support from the universe when you need it.

Giving unconditionally creates and generates abundance. We give freely, because we trust that there is always an unlimited supply. Remember anyone who has helped you when you’ve needed it most and appreciate all situations that come into your life for the lessons and gifts, they bring you. Remember that all things given and received emanate from giving.

Infographic – Expressing Gratitude

An infographic showing the how important gratitude is to Mental Health
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