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How did Talkout come about?

Read about our Vision, Mission, Values and Founding journey

Our Vision

To help drive transformation across the globe with our market-leading change and development platform creating great places to work, built on cultures of connection, communication, and belonging. Ensuring employee health and wellness is a priority and organisations have access to the latest VR technology to accelerate skills development.

Talkout Vision
Talkout Mission

Our Mission

To provide expert training and guidance to help employees of all levels understand emotional, physical, and mental health and how they are critical to Wellness.

To build an amazing software system that combines multiple solutions into one easy-to-use app that supports the creation and maintenance of a happy, healthy, and inclusive culture.

To disrupt the world of learning and development with our revolutionary Virtual Reality as a Service (VRaaS) platform that makes VR affordable and accessible for organisations who want to get the best from their people without blowing the entire training budget.

Our Values


We are here to build better workplaces. Everything we do, from the code we write, courses we run to the people we hire, is linked to that purpose. It brings a clear focus to what matters and ensures every action adds value.


We believe in what we do. That belief translates into a team who are 100% dedicated and committed to giving their best, we put our hearts and souls into everything project to support every customer to achieve their goals.


We strive to be open, honest, and straightforward. We value trust in our relationships more than anything else so we want you to know that we're always going to be upfront  - even when it's not good news.

Talkout Our Values

Backed by Founders with a passion for positive change and innovation

Our founders Jim and Ayyab Cockburn have built a thriving business group; The Martin James Network (MJN). They know a thing or two about what it takes to achieve success. MJN is comprised of a diverse range of organisations, each with its own unique set of challenges.

They recognised there were three common issues every organisation faced: Employee Wellbeing, creating an amazing Culture, and upskilling people through Learning and Development - they set to work to find a solution to overcome these obstacles.

Their first objective was to bring together a team of experts to deliver wellbeing training to make sure every employee was happy and healthy. Next, they focused on creating cultures that foster connection, belonging, inclusivity, and a true sense of purpose. To achieve this they looked towards software to assist. However, after scouring the market they couldn't find a platform that met their requirements. While others may have decided to stop searching, Jim and Ayyab saw an opportunity and built their own application to support their vision of creating a better workplace. Finally, they tackled learning and development. It was clear Virtual Reality was the way forward to drive a step-change in learning and close the gap that LMSs and traditional training couldn't. To solve this they acquired a company called Virtual Reality Simulation Sytems to bring this capability to the network.

It was these wants and needs that resulted in the creation of Talkout. Based on the success of projects at MJN we are now pleased to be able to offer our services and technology to help others replicate these results. We're excited about the future, supporting organisations around the world to create amazing workplaces.

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Jim Cockburn

Jim qualified as a social worker in the 1970s and went on to establish numerous, successful businesses over the past 25 years ranging from social care to restaurants and AI.  Between them, these companies have employed thousands of individuals in the UK and across the world.

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Ayyab Cockburn

Ayyab is dedicated to creating a progressive working environment and has spent her career leading change initiatives and other strategic roles. She leads the Martin James Network change agenda and strives for all of its businesses to work together to disrupt markets with innovative new projects..

The Talkout Platform is built on Jim and Ayyab's three components of success

Employee Wellbeing

Look after your people and they will look after you. Supporting the mental health and wellness of your people is one of the most important things you can do, in fact, it's integral on the journey to success. Talkout GUIDES work with you to ensure that journey is well planned and supported. The success of any journey is down to the people traveling it. Life is full of challenges that need to be navigated along the way - deaths, births, finances, abuse, loneliness, trauma, injury, and illness. These are just a handful of common issues that present immense mental tests your people must overcome every day. Our GUIDES equip your team with skills that help them understand how to keep themselves mentally, emotionally and physically healthy as well as how to help and support others on the journey with them.

Connected Culture

With a clear journey planned you can think about how to create an exceptional culture that brings your people together and provides clarity and understanding about where you are heading and why you have decided on the route. Talkout PATHS is a mobile app that empowers you to create that communication and connected culture. As It's a mobile app it always with your people supporting them to find their way on their journey. The app gives every employee a voice, sparks connection, engagement and creates belonging. It gives an organisation the tools to keep everyone on track, provide support at scale and ensure they are on the best route to achieve success both personally and professionally. and illness. These are just a handful of common issues that present immense mental tests your people must overcome every day. Our GUIDES equip your team with skills that help them understand how to keep themselves mentally, emotionally and physically healthy as well as how to help and support others on the journey with them.

Immersive Learning

To unlock the full potential of people and increase velocity on a successful journey, we recognised a paradigm shift in learning and development would be required. Talkout WORLDS is a virtual reality platform that immerses people in highly realistic scenarios enabling them to learn through experience. Virtually Reality learning transforms the mundane into exciting, complex scenarios become easy to understand and the most dangerous environments become safe. The result is accelerated development, higher levels of knowledge retention, and exceptional learning outcomes. A study by Intel and Deloitte found that in just 20 days, retention rates for VR training were three times higher than other types of training. Now imagine how much more successful your orgnisation can be with people who understand what is expected from them and how to deliver results after only a few hours' worth of training. The new era of VR technology we are entering will transform the way we work. By embracing this game-changing tech, organisations can upskill their people at a faster rate, and empower them to achieve success in record time.

Helping organsations to thrive

We believe that for any organisation to thrive and not just survive, they need support and advice from expert GUIDES to ensure the organisation as a whole, and its people are set up for a successful journey.

Whether your journey is just beginning or has been underway for some time, great organisations must provide clear communication and make sure their people are on the right PATHS with the necessary tools and support to reach success.

Each individual's skills and passions should be nurtured throughout their journey with your organisation. The WORLDS they're expected to succeed in will always change, so it's important for them to be continually learning, developing, and progressing to be the best they can be. They shouldn't just keep pace; they should want to race ahead!

Successful companies are ones that have the right combination of people and technological components working in harmony. This is a concept we at Talkout aim to achieve for you, by providing access to the very best people, unique software tools, and cutting-edge technology. We exist for your success supporting you to drive positive change helping you to realise your full potential and build brighter futures for both your employees and society as a whole.

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