Mental Health Training that drives real change

We can help your organisation to prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of every employee through pragmatic training and practical advice.

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How can our Mental Health Training help you?

Through our training programs, we help improve employee wellbeing and give your people the tools to reduce costs over time through better support, leading to lower absenteeism, improved retention rates, and greater productivity.


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You can't afford NOT to be talking about mental health in your workplace

As the cost of mental health problems in the UK continues to grow, employers are becoming more aware, and more proactive as they fight to reduce the £45 billion lost every year split between employee turnover, sickness absence, and reduced productivity. However, this figure is rising exponentially further compounded with our rapidly evolving tech, social and work environments creating new challenges like social media abuse, and work from home loneliness leaving organisations scrambling for solutions.

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Understand how to Identify and treat mental health issues in the workplace

Our GUIDES are passionate about helping organisations reduce costs by training staff to understand emotional, physical, and mental health and how they are critical to Wellness. Employees that go through our training are able to bring more to the table – using their new-found expertise to identify problems in the workplace, help team members to overcome their issues, and better support their organisation to create healthier work environments.

Supporting your people

You want happier people who feel supported at work and are able to look after themselves. You want managers who understand how to support their teams when things get tough, and leaders who can spot mental health problems early on so they can be resolved before they become serious issues for everyone involved. You need the support of a Talkout Guide.

Training for your entire organization that drives real change

We provide training for frontline staff, managers and leaders so they can look after their own mental health, understand how to support their teams better and help resolve issues driving poor mental health within your organisation. Our guides support your entire organisation!

Wellness training for your organisation

What do our customers think?

The session around getting to know each other and our drivers, personal or otherwise, to achieve the qualification, lead to a real understanding of each other that really benefitted the learning and the breakout sessions. Overall, the mixture of online learning, reading and assessments that preceded each session worked well with the group sessions enabling experiences to be confidentially and comfortably shared.

Course Delegate from Simbec-Orion

Our courses and programmes

Training courses can be purchased individually for smaller groups of up to 16 people via the course links below. For larger organisations we recommend an end-to-end approach that looks at Mental health more holistically. We'll design a dedicated programme that looks at factors contributing to mental ill-health in the workplace and the steps to treat the issues. We then look at the size and distribution of your people and ensure there is enough training delivered across teams to ensure everyone is supported.


Line Manager Mental Health Training

This full-day CPD accredited course explores mental health awareness and the impact of the Line Manager when dealing with common mental health issues at work. It enables Line Managers to have effective conversations around mental health and provide support to help individuals thrive at work.


Mental Health Awareness

This half-day session will raise awareness of mental health across an organisation. It helps employees understand what mental health is, how to challenge the stigma and explores ways to provide support to someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue.


Adult Mental Health First Aid England

This two-day licensed and accredited MHFA England First Aid Training course will teach participants how to identify and understand mental health issues, as well as assist someone who may have a mental health condition.

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